Nicaragua, Central America




Environmental Solar Systems (ESS) of Methuen, Massachusetts recently visited Nicaragua to test its latest solar invention - the Coffee AirFlo™ Dehydrator. The test results were an outstanding success! With the winning combination of the sun's energy, Environmental Solar System's patented Convective AirFlo™ plate dryer and solar panels, this new method provides the best technology today for drying coffee beans and similar crops.

“With the development of this new dryer, we will enhance the lives of coffee bean growers and improve the quality of the coffee. This system works cleaner and faster than other coffee bean drying methods. Because of the unique AirFlo™ drying system, the re-circulation of air actually improves the coffee's taste quality said Paul Soucy, President of ESS.”

"I knew you and Nicaragua would be good for each other, said Paul Katzeff, former President of the Specialty Coffee Association of America. We cupped two samples and both times, the ESS AirFlo™ solar dryer results came up with a score of 90. On a scale of 100 with 80 being the minimum score for specialty coffee quality, the usual patio-dried coffee achieved an 86. This is the difference between a good cup of coffee and an excellent one. We congratulate Soucy on this achievement".

Environmental Solar Systems would like to extend its appreciation to Paul Katzeff for all his hard work to improve the conditions for the Nicaraquan people and the coffee bean farmers around the world. Also thank you to Javier, Mario and William Mejia from Esperanza Coffee of Nicaragua for allowing us to test our latest patented invention.nicaragua_lower_right.jpg

Paul Soucy reported the hospitality of the farmers was heart-warming and the country's landscape was breathtaking. Thank you Nicaragua! Call 1-978-975-1190 and ask for the AirFlo™ Coffee Dehydrator today.