November 8, 2007

Press Release by The Energy Grid

Environmental Solar Systems' SunMate Gets Highest Rating

For its size, the hot air solar panel is rated most efficient

METHUEN, MA, USAIn the November 2007 Summary of Solar Rating and Certification Corporation's (SRCC'S) Certified Solar Collector and Water Heating and Systems Ratings, Environmental Solar Systems, Inc.'s SunMate Hot Air Solar Panel, for its size, is listed as the most efficient on the market. After a yearlong testing process, the glazed hot air collectors.

According to the SRCC, "The information contained in the summary provides reliable and comparable data for solar water heating collectors and systems you may be considering buying. The rating information is a helpful tool for comparing the efficiency of the various solar systems on the market.

The SunMate Hot Air Solar Panel is designed with a small brushless fan that pulls cool air from the home, channeling it through the absorber plate where it's warmed by energy from the sun, and then circulates it back into the house. The one-piece streamlined steel and aluminum construction discreetly adheres to the side or roof of the house. It doesn't detract from the home's appearance, is easy to install, and requires virtually no maintenance.

Founder and president of Environmental Solar Systems, Inc., Paul Soucy, says that business has been brisk in the past few weeks and believes "the coming cold weather and high oil prices" may be a factor. He also thinks that along with a growing awareness of the climate crisis, the company, which designs and markets the solar powered panels, is becoming better known. Soucy has patented more than a dozen other solar generated, energy efficient, products including a water collector, cooker, space heater, and food dehydrator.

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November 8, 2007

We just sold a large dehydrator (that holds up to 1,200 pounds) to the Jali Organic Association in Uganda where it will be used to dry organic pineapples," said Soucy, who for the past seven years has been cultivating relationships in Africa, the Caribbean, and Nicaragua. The dryer, installed on an island in the middle of Lake Victoria is evidence of the global effort to use renewable energy for the benefit of the planet.

To that end, Soucy's hope is that "we'll all do our part."

About Environmental Solar Systems

Paul Soucy, founder and president of Environmental Solar Systems, Inc. has been researching, designing and developing innovative solar solutions since 1981. Soucy has more than 24 years of building passive solar designed and energy efficient homes, greenhouses, and sunrooms. The company's patented products include a water collector, cooker, space heater, and food dehydrators that range in size to accommodate from 50 to 20,000 pounds of product. For more information go to


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